Richard Wagner (18131883)

Die Walküre

Reprinted in the authoritative C. F. Peters edition published in Leipzig, ca. 1910

für: Solostimmen, Orchester


Autor/KomponistRichard Wagner
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A landmark in the history of opera, Die Walküre is the most popular and most frequently performed opera among those that make up the Ring Cycle. It contains some of Wagner's best-known and most memorable music and stands alone as a complete work.

This edition reproduces the full orchestral and vocal score in a clear, modern engraving with large, legible notation for easy reading and study. Do not confuse this with a piano rendering; it is the full orchestral score — nothing has been left out.

Perfect for study, this score is also indispensable for anyone listening to recordings. In no other manner can the listener keep full awareness of the orchestral richness of this opera.