Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840 – 1893)

Thematic and Bibliographical Catalogue of P.I. Tchaikovsky`s Works

Prepared by the P. I. Tchaikowsky Scientific and Publishing Board
Petr Il'ic Cajkovskij – New Edition of Complete Works XII

Musical EditionsBook
Item no.471737
Author / ComposerPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
EditorLjudmila Korabel'nikova, Valentina Rubcova
Languagesenglish, russian
Scope1108 pages; 20.5 × 29 cm
Release year2007
Publisher / ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.NCE 1100


Part 1 provides information on the complete compositions of Tchaikovsky including music incipits of all movements, year of creation, dedicatee, world premiere, instrumentation, documents on the history of the work, a list of the sources, references to letters or subsequent printed editions, and bibliography.Part 2 contains, for the first time, a complete survey of Tchaikovsky's literary works.


  • Main Sections of Contents
  • Preface to the 2nd Edition
  • Preface
  • Th HIstory and the Current State of Cajkovskij's Archives
  • Studies and Publications Concerning Cajkovskij's Manuscripts
  • Publishers and Publications of Cajkovskij's Works
  • Structure and Components of the Works' Description
  • Abbreviations
  • ISO System of Transliteration
  • Musical Works
  • I. Stage Works
    1. Operas
    1. Ballets
    1. Incidental Music
    1. Incidental Music: Seperate Items
  • II. Orchestral Works
    1. Symphonies
    1. Suites
    1. Overtures, Fantasies, and Other Orchestral Works
    1. Works for Solo Instrument and Orchestra
  • a) Concertos
  • b) Concert Pieces
  • III. Choral Works
    1. Cantatas
    1. Choruses
    1. Sacred Choral Works
  • IV. Chamber Instrumental Works
    1. Works for Chamber Ensemble
    1. Piano Works
    1. Instrumental Pieces with Piano Accompaniment
  • V. Chamber Vocal Works
    1. Romances and Songs
    1. Vocal Ensembles
    1. Album Notes and Musical Letters
  • VI. Student Exercises in Composition and Instrumentation
  • VII. Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Editions
    1. Transcriptions and Arrangements of C.'s Own Works
    1. Arrangements and Editions of Folk Songs
    1. Orchestrations, Arrangements, and Editions of Other Composers' Works
  • VIII. Lost Works
  • IX. Unfinished Works
  • X. Unrealized Plans
    1. Operas
    1. Ballets
    1. Works for Orchestra
    1. Concertos and Concert Pieces
    1. Cantatas
    1. Piano Works
  • Works for Violin or Cello with Piano
    1. Romances
    1. Vocal Ensembles
  • Literary Works
    1. Musical Textbooks and Other Educational Writings
    1. Articles, Reviews, Notes, Open Letters, Letters to Editors, Interviews
    1. Speeches
    1. Rhymes
    1. Translations
    1. Juvenilia
  • Lost Literarv Writings
    1. Uncompleted Literary Works and Unrealized Projects
  • Supplements
  • Indexes
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