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Charles-Louis Hanon (1819 – 1900)

Virtuoso Pianist In Sixty Exercises

Hanon Complete

Författare / kompositörCharles-Louis Hanon
Förlag / TillverkareSantorella Publications
Tillverkarens nr.SANOEP050


With the study of the piano so wide-spread and the number of quality pianists so numerous, a much higher standard of execution is expected. To perform a piece of a degree of special difficulty, it would normally take eight to ten years of practice. Few people are in a position to devote so many years to this study and consequently their playing is uneven and incorrect. It is a known fact that one hand is always stronger and has more dexterity than the other which obviously has an impact on the ability to execute certain difficult passages in keyboard literature. The solution to this problem is the work, "The Virtuoso Pianist, In 60 Exercises." In the "Hanon Complete For TheVirtuoso Pianist" are found the exercises necessary to acquire the agility, independence, strength and absolute evenness of the fingers, and suppleness of the wrists which are prerequisites for fine execution. This mandatory work from Santorella Publications is intended for all piano students and should be taken up after their first year. More advanced students will master these exercises very quickly and never again experience the stiffness of fingers or wrists. These exercises truly need to be practiced daily and if executed properly can be completed in one hour. Once these exercises are thoroughly mastered the result will be a beautiful, clear, clean execution, which is the secret of all distinguished players.

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