Noel Rawsthorne (*1929)

Thirty-six Miniatures for Organ

Sammlung von 36 "Miniaturen" für Orgel

Besetzung: Orgel


Autor/KomponistNoel Rawsthorne
Umfang140 Seiten; 23,0 x 30,5 cm
Hersteller/VerlagKevin Mayhew
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Noel Rawsthorne has a rare and consummate ability to create organ music which sounds spectacular but remains easy to play. This collection of miniatures ranges from the ebullient and thrilling to the meditative and peaceful. All the features which organists expect to find in his compositions are present in abundance. This is a collection to be highly valued and greatly enjoyed.

Noel Rawsthorne (b. 1929) was Organist of Liverpool Cathedral for twenty-five years and City Organist and Artistic Director at St George's Hall, Liverpool. He was also Senior Lecturer at St Katherine's College, Liverpool, until his retirement in 1993 after thirty-nine years in education. In 1994 he was honoured by the University of Liverpool with an honorary degree of Doctor of Music.


  • Allegro Festivo
  • Alleluias
  • Andante
  • Beceuse
  • Bishop's Fanfare
  • Cantabile
  • Celtic Lament
  • Chorale
  • Entrada
  • Exultemus
  • Festival Fanfare
  • Flourish for an Occasion
  • Gospel Fanfare
  • Greensleeves
  • Jubilate
  • Marche Triomphale
  • Menuet
  • Millennium Prelude
  • Mozzarella
  • Occasional Fanfare
  • Pange Lingua
  • Postlude
  • Processional
  • Rêverie
  • Romance
  • Serenade
  • Soliquoy
  • Sortie
  • Triumphant Trumpets
  • Trumpet Tune and Air
  • Trumpet Tune in B flat
  • Trumpet Tune in C
  • Trumpet Tune in F
  • Trumpet Tune in G
  • Two Trumpet Tunes and Air
  • Veni Creator