Georg Muffat (1653 – 1704)

Apparatus musico-organisticus

Zwölf Tokkaten, Ciacona, Passacaglia, Nova Cyclopeias Harmonica
Band III der Reihe "Süddeutsche Orgelmeister des Barock"

Musical EditionsMusic score
Item no.608500
Author / ComposerGeorg Muffat
EditorRudolf Walter
Scope104 pages; 29.7 × 22 cm
Release year2008
Publisher / ProducerCarus Verlag
Producer No.CV 91.071/00


This edition of the Apparatus musico-organisticus is closely based on the original publication. For example, it retains the original print's notation on two staves. The original pedal indications and Muffat's ornamentation are also reproduced. Thee reprint of the original title and the foreword makes this a rewarding acquisition for every organist.


  • Toccata prima (1690)
  • Toccata secunda (1690)
  • Toccata tertia (1690)
  • Toccata quarta (1690)
  • Toccata quinta (1690)
  • Toccata sexta (1690)
  • Toccata septima (1690)
  • Toccata octava (1690)
  • Toccata nona (1690)
  • Toccata decima (1690)
  • Toccata undecima (1690)
  • Toccata duodecima et ultima (1690)
  • Ciacona (1690)
  • Passacaglia (1690)
  • Nova cyclopeias harmonica (1690)
  • Ad malleorum ictus allusio (1690)
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