Michael Müller (b. 1986), Maria Sturm (b. 1993)

Brass Trail – Personal Workbook

bass clef

M. Müller: Brass Trail - Personal Workbook, Euphbs (0)M. Müller: Brass Trail - Personal Workbook, Euphbs (1)M. Müller: Brass Trail - Personal Workbook, Euphbs (2)M. Müller: Brass Trail - Personal Workbook, Euphbs (3)M. Müller: Brass Trail - Personal Workbook, Euphbs (4)M. Müller: Brass Trail - Personal Workbook, Euphbs (5)
forEuphonium [baritone horn/tenor horn] (bass clef)
Musical EditionsMusic lesson book (bass clef)
Item no.817772
Author / ComposerMichael Müller, Maria Sturm
Languagesgerman, english
Scope88 pages; 22.5 × 30.2 cm
Release year2021
Publisher / ProducerUlrich Köbl
Producer No.KOEBL -BE3251


BRASSTRAIL – Personal Workbook is a method book for baritone, euphonium & tenor horn. It is aimed at motivated musicians that want to perfect their technical abilities and take a further step forward. The workbook offers a mix of selected exercises, solo etudes and well-known solo pieces. The Art of Brass Playing covers many single areas. Brasstrail is intended to cover a wide area of skills related to brass playing, such as finger technique, tonguing and flexibility and connects these areas with one another.


  • Vorwort / Preface
  • Einführung / Introduction
  • No. 1 Atemübungen / Breathing exercises
  • No. 2 Mundstück / Mouthpiece
  • No. 3 Luftfluss-Studien / Flow Studies (Clouds, Londonderry Air)
  • No. 4 Bindeübungen / Lip flexibilities (Waves, Allegro)
  • No. 5 Hohe Lage / High register (Waltzing Mathilda, By your side)
  • No. 6 Fingertechnik / Finger technique (Speed, Czardas)
  • No. 7 Dynamik & Intonation / Dynamics & Intonation (Effect, Arioso)
  • No. 8 Einfachzunge / Single tonguing (Gopak, Rondo)
  • No. 9 Artikulation / Articulation (The Irish Washerwoman, Eine kleine Nachtmusik)
  • No. 10 Doppelzunge / Double tonguing (Thunder, Misirlou)
  • No. 11 Triolenzunge / Triple tonguing (Fire, Rule Britannia)

Anhang / Appendix:

  • Quintenzirkel / Circle of fifths
  • Persönliches Übejournal / Personal practice journal
  • Persönlicher Wochenplan / Personal week journal
  • Basiswissen / Basic knowledge
  • Grifftabelle Violinschlüssel / Fingering chart treble clef
  • Grifftabelle Bassschlüssel / Fingering chart bass clef
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Brass Trail – Personal Workbook

Bläserschule/Unterrichtsliteratur für Tenorhorn, Bariton & Euphonium

for: Tenor horn (treble clef) [baritone horn/euphonium]

Music lesson book

Item no.: 817778

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