Dan Moretti, Matthew Nicholl, Oscar Stagnaro

Essential Grooves

For Writing, Performing and Producing Contemporary Music

für: Melodieinstrument (C/B/Es/C tief); Rhythmusgruppe (Klavier, Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug) ad lib.

Buch, CD, DVD

Autor/KomponistDan Moretti, Matthew Nicholl, Oscar Stagnaro
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Essential Grooves packs everything you need to know about contemporary styles into a must-have reference of audio, scores, and text.

  • The book presents 41 different grooves covering all the important styles that have influenced contemporary music, each performed by live players.
  • The book/DVD set contains scores, text, and stereo mixes of the musical examples, as well as multi-track audio files of each example that all instrumentalists can use in a variety of ways.
  • Users of this book will acquire the vocabulary and gain a deep understanding of each style through the historical background provided.
  • The book's unique, license-free audio examples can be used to create custom play-alongs and original music.
  • Through Essential Grooves, the user will understand how all the instruments in the rhythm section are notated.
  • Used together, the book and the audio will help you to not only learn these styles, but also create original music based on these grooves.


  • Soul and motown
  • Funk
  • Hip-Hop
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Afro-Cuban
  • Brazilian
  • Afro-Caribbean
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