Diana Kodner Gökçe

Handbook for Cantors

Third Edition


Autor/KomponistDiana Kodner Gökçe
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“The work of the cantor cannot be done in isolation from other liturgical ministries. This includes in particular the way the cantor works with the ‘living stones,’ God’s holy people assembled for prayer…” (from the Foreword to the 3rd edition).

For three decades, Diana Kodner Gökçe’s Handbook for Cantors has been a gold standard for singers seeking to grow in their skills as musicians and ministers. This book presents a thorough outline of the overall ministry of the cantor—from a deeper understanding of the theology and vocation of the ministry to an examination of the practical nuts and bolts of gesture, vocal technique, and music theory.

In this third edition, Diana has significantly expanded the content to embrace not only the cantor but also the formation and skill-building of those other singing ministers too often overlooked: the priest and the deacon. This edition, in addition to expanded sections on gesture, liturgical flow, teaching music to the assembly, and the singing of psalmody, devotes an entire chapter to the chants of the priest and deacon.

It includes a user-friendly approach to chanting the gospels, the formulas for chanting presbyteral prayers, an overview of some of the important chants for Holy Week, and much more. This is a comprehensive resource on singing the liturgy that no cantor or music minister should be without.