Hyacinthe Eleonore Klosé (18081880)

Complete Method 2

for All Saxophones
Méthode complète pour tous les saxophones Vol.2

für: Saxophon

Lehrbuch (mit Noten)

Autor/KomponistHyacinthe Eleonore Klosé
Sprachenenglisch, französisch
Umfang71 Seiten; 26,5 x 34 cm
Verlag/HerstellerAlphonse Leduc Éditions Musicales
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In two volumes, Hyacinthe Klosé (1808-1880), a virtuoso wind player of his day, provides detailed, progressive exercises and studies for the Saxophone.

Complete Method for all Saxophones is essential to all saxophonists seeking to improve their technique on the instrument. Klosé's second volume gives focus to the technique of the instrument, including phrasing, intervals, scales, chromaticism, ornamentation, accidentals, breath control, articulation, dynamics and performance directions, among other musical aspects. Moreover, Complete Method for all Saxophones contains technicalstudies to ensure adequate comprehension of a range of techniques. It is stated in the introduction that this Klosé series was compiled as a response to the considerable evolution of the instrument at the time.

With detailed notes in French and English, and with the book being adaptable to any Saxophone, Complete Method for all Saxophones is versatile and crucial to the progress of any Saxophone player.