Jens Kienbaum

Kienbaums Gitarrengruppe

ab Grundschule, Gruppenunterricht, Offene Ganztagsschule, Einzelunterricht

Jens Kienbaum - Kienbaums GitarrengruppeJens Kienbaum - Kienbaums GitarrengruppeJens Kienbaum - Kienbaums GitarrengruppeJens Kienbaum - Kienbaums GitarrengruppeJens Kienbaum - Kienbaums Gitarrengruppe
forClassical guitar
Musical EditionsMusic lesson book
Item no.659634
Author / ComposerJens Kienbaum
Scope88 pages; 21 × 29.5 cm
Release year2016
Publisher / ProducerAMA Verlag
Producer No.610481


Jens Kienbaum has worked as a music teacher ever since completing his studies in Instrumental Education under Hubert Käppel at the University for Music in Cologne. He wrote a comprehensive (248-page) guitar course with his first book, ‘Abenteuer Gitarre’ (AMA No. 610309), which can be used in private, group or class lessons. The winning formula for this course is that pupils get to grips with the full sound of the guitar as a harmony instrument from the very beginning which takes them on a journey of discovery through the guitar’s world of sound.

With ‘Kienbaums Gitarrengruppe’ we now have an introductory course which can be used for a whole school year from primary school onwards, in group lessons, in lessons during school hours or in very classic, private lessons.

Due to music teachers collaborating with schools and integrating lessons into the school day, the working environment for teachers has undergone stark changes. Teachers are confronted with the problem that children often lose their concentration in the afternoon after a full day of lessons and they are therefore faced with the challenge of keeping them focussed. However, you could take advantage of the fact that these afternoon classes lead those towards music who otherwise wouldn’t go to a music school. Therefore, one aim should always be laying down technical and musical foundations which will also allow pupils to continue instrumental lessons at a music school.

This course aims to introduce musical notation (part 1) and playing from music in the range E to e. The chords learned (Am, Em, G, D7, C) will be practiced with the help of vocals (part 2). Part 3 (pieces and songs) and part 4 (power chords) provide a lot of material which can be performed in concerts.

Through practical tips for the teacher, like how to win pupils’ attention (e.g. through rhythmical games), numerous pictures (which give information about position and fingering) and many tasks for the pupil, this course fills a gap between being forced to practice and taking part in an interesting and exciting lesson.

For teachers who plan to implement their lessons in the coming school year, ‘Gitarren AG’ (AMA No. 610370) by Jens Kienbaum can be used as additional lesson material, which focuses on playing with the right hand.


  • 1st Part: The Beginning
  • 2nd Part: bass melodies with playing tones
  • 3rd Part: Songs and playing pieces
  • 4th Part: the first Powerchords
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