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John Kember (b. 1935)

Rock & Soul Styles

18 Pieces

Also available: Rock and Soul Styles (2004) (Print edition)

Musical EditionsMusic score
Item no.755359
Author / ComposerJohn Kember
Scope32 pages
Publisher / ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 12789 Q19514


This is the latest collection in this series of attractive, easy, fun-to-play piano pieces. Rock music has been at the heart of popular culture for over half a century, though its roots lie in the Gospel music and Rhythm and Blues of decades earlier. The styles in this collection represent mainly the middle, high point of its popularity, from those artists, soloists, composers and groups who have been proved durable and whose music has become the new "standards". - Styles and tempos vary to give a mix of rock and ballad styles - Mostly in 4-time, but using both 8- and 16-beat figures and styles - All employ 'straight' quavers and present challenging rhythms - Many are based on left-hand bass lines and ostinatos.


Easy Street - Cool Customer - Here Comes the Sunshine - Stroll On By - Lost for Words - The Freedom Road - Three of a Kind - Jaco's Jaunt - Soul Queen - Gospel Rock - Sweet Sixteen - Peace - Longing - Downtown Drive - Time On My Hands - What Do You Say? - Time and Again - One for the Road

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