Jazz Solo Series (trumpet)


Musical EditionsMusic score, CD
Item no.457439
Scope38 pages
Publisher / ProducerADG Publications
Producer No.ADG068


Mark Vega’s Jazz Solo Series for Trumpet is a great instructional tool for musicians and music students to learn or improve their improvisational abilities in the jazz-swing idiom. There are sixty-six examples in the book,starting at a somewhat easy level and gradually increasing in difficulty throughout the book.

Sections include:

  • Exercises in all twelve keys using II-V-I and II-V-III-VI-II-V-I chord progressions.
  • Exercises in alltwelve keys using I-VI-II-V-III-bIII-II-V-I chord progressions.
  • Complete worked-out solos over chord changes to the popular Jazz standards Stella By Starlight, Take The A Train, and There Will Never BeAnotherYou. Includes an easy version of the solo followed by a more difficult one.
  • Recordings of the choruses of the above pieces, repeated for convenient practicing.
  • A selected discography of Mark’s favourite Jazzalbums featuring great Jazz soloists.

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