Dr. Licks (*1952)

Standing in the shadows of Motown

The Life and Music of legendary bassist James Jamerson

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Autor/KomponistDr. Licks
InterpretJames Jamerson
Umfang194 Seiten; 23,0 x 30,5 cm
Verlag/HerstellerHal Leonard
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Bassist James Jamerson was the embodiment of the Motown spirit and groove - the invisible entity whose playing inspired thousands and made it impossible for anyone to sit still while listening to a Motown record. His tumultuous life and musical brilliance are explored in depth through hundreds of interviews, 49 note-for-note transcribed musical scores, two hours of recorded all-star performances, and more than 50 rarely seen photos in this comprehensive book on his life, his art and his influence.

This folio also features a 2-CD set that includes performances of Jamerson's bass lines by such noted bassists as Geddy Lee of Rush, Will Lee, John Patitucci, John Entwistle of the Who, Francis Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power, and Jack Bruce, just to name a few!