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Duets for Fun: Guitars

Easy pieces to play together

Also available: Duets for fun: Guitars (Print edition)

for2 guitars
Musical EditionsEnsemble score
Item no.736879
EditorMartin Hegel
Scope60 pages
Publisher / ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 13883 Q42535


This collection features a wide selection of original works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Modern eras arranged for two guitars. Focusing on easy repertoire Duets for Fun will provide hours of enjoyment for aspiring musicians wishing to discover new material as well as develop their playing. This collection is ideal for use as teaching material, or for playing at home or in a concert with a friend. This title was previously published as 'Duo-Schatzkiste' (A Treasure Chest of Duos). DUETS FOR FUN: GUITARS - press reviews "This book lives up to its title. I played through these with another guitarist and we both grinned a lot, for some good reasons: the choice of repertoire is varied, interesting and of high musical merit; the fingering is useful and clear, the format and readability of the pages makes the pieces easy to negotiate." - COLIN TOMMIS, EUROPEAN GUITAR TEACHERS ASSOCIATION


F. Pilkington: Echo for two lutes - F. da Milano: La Spagna - Anonymous: Greensleeves - Anonym: La Rossignol - T. Robinson: A Toy for two lutes - Anonymous: A Lesson for two lutes - F. da Milano: Canon for two lutes - J. Küffner: Allemande - F. Carulli: Ariette connue No. 7 - M. Giuliani: Ländler No. 11 - J. Küffner: Duo No. 1 - F. Carulli: Ariette connue No. 12 - F. Sor: Valse No. 1 - M. Giuliani: Ländler No. 11 - J. Küffner: Duo No. 3 - F. Carulli: Le Nid et la Rose - F. Sor: Valse No. 2 - M. Giuliani: La Pace - L. v. Call: Rondo - A. de Lhoyer: Nocturne No. 2 - F. Tárrega: Vals para dos - P. Pettoletti: Vals - F. Tárrega: Mazurka - G. Maasz: Duo No. VIII - O. Mayran de Chamisso: Lande celtique - F. Pilsl: Tarantella - F. Zehm: Musette - O. Mayran de Chamisso: Promenade en barque - G. Maasz: Duo No. VI - F. Pilsl: Musette

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