Garry Hagberg (*1952), Howard Roberts (19291992)

Guitar Compendium 1

technique / improvisation / musicianship / theory
Vol. 1 The Praxis System

für: Gitarre

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Autor/KomponistGarry Hagberg, Howard Roberts
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A unique method that allows the student to begin work on any subject in any of the three volumes he chooses and be able instantly to comprehend and digest the material at hand. Playing what you hear in your head becomes as natural as speaking.


  • Style & Craft: Inventory of the Basic Moves
  • Inventory of the Basic Moves-continued
  • Troubleshooting: Preliminary Questions
  • Further Questions
  • The Finger Map: Chords
  • The Linear Conception of Harmony
  • Chord Construction and Control
  • Chord Transformation
  • The Harmonized Scale
  • Chord Progressions Through the Individual Voice
  • Creative Directions
  • Further Creative Directions