Georg Friedrich Händel (16851759)

Songs and Airs from the Great Oratorios

für: Singstimme (hoch), Klavier


Autor/KomponistGeorg Friedrich Händel
HerausgeberEbenezer Prout
Umfang200 Seiten; 23,0 x 30,5 cm
Verlag/HerstellerDover Music Publications
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George Frideric Handel was a composer with an arguably unrivalled gift for pure melody which appeals straight to the heart. This exceptional compilation includes 40 works for high voice and piano reduction.


  • Dear Companion
  • Sadly I Languish
  • O Come Let Us Worship
  • Love In Her Eyes Sits Playing
  • Would You Gain The Tender Creature
  • O Beauteous Queen
  • The Vessel Storm Driven
  • Allurements The Dearest
  • Heavenly Star Eyes Calm Beaming
  • Gentle Airs Melodious Strains
  • Will God Whose Mercies Ever Flow
  • Trust A Woman How Simple Minded
  • Go Call Irene
  • Love's Richest Dower
  • Fell Rage And Black Despair
  • Sin Not O King
  • Oft On A Plat Of Rising Ground
  • Let Me Wander Not Unseen
  • Hide Me From Day's Garish Eye
  • Comfort Ye My People
  • Ev'Ry Valley Shall Be Exalted
  • But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul In Hell
  • How Beautiful Are The Feet
  • I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
  • Total Eclipse
  • Thus When The Sun
  • O Sleep Why Dost Thou Leave Me
  • Where'Er You Walk
  • My Father Ah Methinks I See
  • Then Will I Jehovah's Praise
  • From Mighty Kings
  • Sound An Alarm
  • Here Amid The Shady Woods
  • Calm Thou My Soul
  • Convey Me To Some Peaceful Shore
  • Oh Had I Jubal's Lyre
  • What Though I Trace
  • With Thee Th' Unsheltered Moor I'd Tread
  • If Guiltless Blood Be Your Intent
  • Oh Worse Than Death Indeed
  • Angels Ever Bright And Fair
  • Deeper And Deeper Still
  • Waft Her Angels
  • Farewell Ye Limpid Springs And Floods