Alain Frogley

Vaughan Williams's Ninth Symphony

Studies in Musical Genesis, Structure, and Interpretation

Alain Frogley - Vaughan Williams's Ninth Symphony
Musical EditionsBook (Hardcover)
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Author / ComposerAlain Frogley
Scope340 pages; 15.6 × 23.4 cm
Release year2001
Publisher / ProducerOxford University Press
Producer No.OUP9780198162841


Ever since its première just before the composer's death, Vaughan Williams's Ninth Symphony has divided critical opinion and remained something of an enigma. Yet the composer thought highly of the work, and went against his usual practice by preserving all the sketches. This study, the first of its kind on a work of Vaughan Williams, analyses the symphony and traces its genesis through hundreds of pages of sketches and drafts; it also offers a general introduction to the composer's working methods.

The manuscripts show how the composer worked meticulously to create the complex expressive ambivalence of the finished work, transforming in the process simpler conceptions redolent of his earlier music. Most crucially, however, the sketches reveal an underlying programme, centred on the theme of innocent sacrifice and drawing on Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Stonehenge, and Salisbury Cathedral. Vaughan Williams's new musical path in the symphony, it emerges, was closely allied to the continuing evolution of his visionary agnosticism.


  •  List of Illustrations
  •  List of Figures
  •  List of Tables
  •  List of Musical Examples
  •  Notes to the Sketch Transcriptions
  •  Abbreviations1.:Introduction
  •  2.:The Ninth Symphony: Context, Sources, and Working Methods
  •  3.:First Movement
  •  4.:Second Movement
  •  5.:Third Movement
  •  6.:Fourth Movement
  •  7.:Salisbury, Hardy, and Bunyan: The Programmatic Origins of the Symphony
  •  8.:Conclusions
  •  Appendix. Details of Structure and Other Physical Features of the Manuscripts
  •  Select Bibliography
  •  Index
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