Anna Stoll Knecht

Mahler's Seventh Symphony

Studies in Musical Genesis, Structure, and Interpretation

A. Stoll Knecht: Mahler's Seventh Symphony (Bu) (0)
ÉditionLivre (relié)
№ d’article768952
Auteur / CompositeurAnna Stoll Knecht
Dimensions 336 pages; 15,6 × 23,5 cm
Date de parution2019
Éditions / ProducteurOxford University Press
№ de fabricantOUP 9780190491116


Gustav Mahler's Seventh Symphony stands out as one of the most provocative symphonic statements of the early twentieth century. Throughout its performance history, it has often been heard as "existing in the shadow" of the Sixth Symphony or as "too reminiscent" of Richard Wagner's opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.

Anna Stoll Knecht's Mahler's Seventh Symphony offers a new interpretation of the Seventh based on a detailed study of Mahler's compositional materials and a close reading of the finished work. With a focus on sketches previously considered as "discarded," Stoll Knecht exposes unexpected connections between the Seventh and both the Sixth and Meistersinger, confirming that Mahler's compositional project was firmly grounded in a dialogue with works from the past. This referential aspect acts as an important interpretive key to the work, enabling the first thorough analysis of the sketches and drafts for the Seventh, and shedding light on its complex compositional history.

Considering each movement of the symphony through a double perspective, genetic and analytic, Stoll Knecht demonstrates how sketch studies and analytical approaches can interact with each other. Mahler's Seventh Symphony exposes new facets of Mahler's musical humor and leads us to rethink much-debated issues concerning the composer's cultural identity, revealing the Seventh's pivotal role within his output.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Premiere and Reception
  • Premiere
  • Reception
  • The "problems" of the Seventh
  • Chapter 2: Structure, Interpretation and Genesis
  • Structure
  • Main interpretive leads
  • Genesis
  • Chapter 3: Compositional History
  • Autobiographical and biographical evidence
  • Musical evidence
  • Chapter 4: Rondo-Finale
  • Form and content
  • Interpretive views
  • Chapter 5: Genesis of the Rondo-Finale
  • The Vienna sketchbook and the Moldenhauer sketches
  • The Paris sketchbook leaves and the Moldenhauer sketches
  • Other sketches and drafts for the Finale
  • Chapter 6: Nachtmusiken
  • The first Nachtmusik
  • The second Nachtmusik
  • Chapter 7: Scherzo
  • Dancing death
  • Structure
  • Sketches and drafts
  • Walpurgis night
  • Chapter 8: First Movement
  • Beginning of the Seventh
  • Form and content
  • Sketches and drafts
  • (Auto)biography, genesis and interpretation
  • Chapter 9: Die Meistersinger in the Seventh Symphony
  • The Meistersinger references in the Finale
  • Quartal harmony in the Seventh and Meistersinger
  • Preliminary sketches in the Vienna sketchbook
  • E minor to C major: from Night to Day
  • Mahler and Beckmesser
  • Conclusion
  • What the genesis tells us
  • "Problems" of the Seventh
  • From tragedy to comedy
  • Beginnings and ends
  • Appendices:
  • A: Manuscripts and editions of the Seventh Symphony
  • B: Mahler discography
  • M: Motivic tables
  • F: Formal tables
  • CSk: Correspondences between the sketches
  • MSk: Motivic table for the sketches
  • Synopsis of Richard Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
  • Bibliography
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