Russian Fiddle Tunes

31 Traditional Pieces for Violin
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pour: Violon

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ÉditeurRos Stephen
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Date de parution2015
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The author of Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes for Violin (ED 13379), Ros Stephen, presents a wide-ranging collection of Russian tunes for violin. Highly flexible to use, the pieces may be performed by a solo violinist as violin duets. The music has been carefully edited to create authentic arrangements. Ornamentation, bowing and fingering have been included to enable stylistic performances, and there is also guidance on general style, as well as note on all of the individual tunes.The volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes performed by Ros Stephen.


  • Introduction
    1. Chubchik
    1. Po Muromskoi Dorozhke
    1. Tumbalalaika
    1. Karabushka Dance
    1. Khorovod
    1. Yablochko
    1. Tonkaia Riabina
    1. Barynia
    1. Beryozka
    1. Stenka Razin
    1. Kamarinskaya 12. Korobeiniki
    1. Russian Folk Dance
    1. Ey, ukhnem!
    1. Ukhar Kupets
    1. Zastavil Menia Muzh Parnu Baniushku Topit
    1. Akh Vy Seni
    1. Troika
    1. Kopetka Polka
    1. Russian Polka
    1. Misyats' na Nebi
    1. Devochka Nadia
    1. Trepak
    1. Biriuzovye Kolechki
    1. Tsyganskiy Vals
    1. Kalinka
    1. Dve Gitary
    1. Kai o Bergi?
    1. Moia Tsyganochka
    1. Sare Patrya
    1. Ochi Chyornye