Arnold Schönberg (18741951)

Lieder mit Klavierbegleitung

Band I/1

pour: Voix, piano


№ d’article101740
Auteur/CompositeurArnold Schönberg
Portée178 pages
Date de parution1966
Éditions/ProducteurSchott Music
№ de fabricantAS 1001-10
144,00 €
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Délai de livraison: 2–3 jours ouvrables (Deutschland )
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Arnold Schönberg is the central figure in the musical world of this century. His musical significance was already apparent during his life-time, but his posthumous influence has increased immensely. His work paved the way for ground-breaking changes in musical perception. This complete edition aspires to be equally indispensable for research as well as for performance. The edition is published in two series: series A in folio format contains all completed works, all piano scores prepared by the composer himself and all unfinished works suitable for performance; also fragments (large scores) which are better suited to be printed in such a format. Series B, in quarto format, contains early versions, sketches, ideas and fragments as well as genesis and a Critical Commentary.


  • Zwei Gesänge, op. 1
  • Vier Lieder, op. 2
  • Sechs Lieder, op. 3
  • Acht Lieder, op. 6
  • Zwei Balladen, op. 12
  • Zwei Lieder, op. 14
  • 15 Gedichte aus "Das Buch der hängenden Gärten" von Stefan George, op. 15
  • Drei Lieder, op. 48
  • Zwei Lieder: Gedenken, Am Strande
  • Vier Volkslieder