Bühne frei! – Quartets

Leichte bis mittelschwere Bearbeitungen für vier Flöten
Magic Flute on Stage

pour: 4 flûtes (quatuor)

Partition musicale, partitions seules, CD

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ArrangeurBarbara Gisler-Haase
Portée25/6/6/6/6/6 pages; 23,0 x 30,5 cm
Date de parution2016
Éditions/ProducteurUniversal Edition
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The present booklet contains a sheet music collection of pieces from the chorale literature of the Renaissance and the Romantic period and is intended for group instruction. Concerted vocal music is particularly well suited for the flute ensemble, since when playing the flute the melodic quality is - similar to singing - essentially based upon breathing. This enables the flutist to maintain a natural flow during his performance. Since there is very little original literature for the flute ensemble, a pedagogue is often required to draw on arrangements in which the lowest voices are frequently comprised of non-flute accompanying motifs. In chorale music, all voices are equally employed in a voice-leading manner. The phrasing slurs depend upon the text. The breathing signs in some cases only serve to clarify the musical line in general and are not to be used for strong breathing. The arrangements are created for flute ensembles with four voices. In each case the lowest voice can also be performed with an alto flute as an alternative. An according part is attached to the edition.

• Ideal for group teaching
• Choral music from the Renaissance and Romantic eras arranged for four flutes
• All parts are melodic and are musically equal
• Practice at home using the Play-Along CD which includes all parts


  • Amor vittoroso ​Gastoldi Giovanni Giacomo
  • Sommerkanon ​Volkslied
  • Grün ist der Mai ​Lechner Konrad
  • Wohlauf, ihr Gäste ​Widmann Erasmus
  • Tamburinschlägerin ​Schumann Robert
  • Fragen ​Brahms Johannes
  • Im Himmelreich ein Haus steht ​Reger Max
  • Abendgang im Lenz ​Reger Max
  • Turot eszik a cigany ​Kodály Zoltán