Mark Dziuba (°1961)

Blues Guitar – Cutting Edge Series

Find Out What's Happening Out on the Edge...
for guitar/tab

pour: Guitare électrique [guitare (électro-)acoustique]

Partition musicale (avec tablatures), CD play-back

№ d’article655546
Auteur/CompositeurMark Dziuba
Date de parution2015
Éditions/ProducteurAlfred Music
№ de fabricantALF17839
20,95 €
TVA incluse plus frais d'expédition
Délai de livraison: 4–10 jours ouvrables (Deutschland )
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Find out what is happening out on the edge of blues guitar that will challenge and excite your imagination. Learn licks in the most unusual styles on the scene. You'll find background information on unique recording artists as well as lots of rarely seen photos. All licks are shown in standard music notation and TAB. Great scales for blues improvisation are included. The CD has all the examples played by a live band.