Joan Alfaras

Stradivari Violin Method 1 – Piano Book

pourViolon, piano
ÉditionPartition musicale piano
№ d’article694795
Auteur / CompositeurJoan Alfaras
Dimensions 60 pages; 23 × 31 cm
Date de parution2017
Éditions / ProducteurBoileau
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In general the book of piano accompaniments is a fine tool for the teacher and it is especially useful for accompanying those students whose level makes it difficult for them to follow the tempos of the CD or if they are just learning the notes. Also, some students might be somewhat disoriented by the instrumentation of some of the pieces on the CD. It is preferable to introduce them to the accompaniments for those pieces with the piano and then later introduce them to the recording after the student is thoroughly familiar with the work that they are studying.

In addition piano accompaniments are very useful for auditions and in concerts when the student performs the accompaniments on the CD.

I would like to suggest that teachers form groups of students and créate their own instrumentations based on the piano accompaniments. Many of the works take on new characteristics by adding bass and percussion as well as other instruments (flutes, clarinets, etc). It is also recommendable to play the pieces with groups of violins, reinforcing the sonority and giving a more “orchestral” sound.

I have attempted to have the piano accompaniments be a reduction of the orchestrations on the CD, without leaving out anything essential but at the same time making the piano accompaniments as easy to play as possible.

Joan Alfaras


Open strings:

  1. Coral sea
  2. The submarine
  3. Moonlight
  4. Milonga
  5. Mammoth steps
  6. Penguin pizzicato
  7. Musette
  8. The show begins
  9. Buddy’s blues
  10. Polka 1st finger:
  11. Ufos
  12. Alabama
  13. Tengo un tango
  14. The oklahoma locomotive
  15. Outer space mission
  16. Meteor shower
  17. Far-west
  18. Buffalo bill’s horse
  19. The labyrinth of babylon
  20. The treasure chamber

2nd finger:

  1. Iced coffee
  2. Surfin’
  3. Galop
  4. The bonsai garden
  5. Night in new york
  6. Slow rag
  7. Detective marlow
  8. The vikings
  9. Thor, the thunder god

3rd and 4th fingers:

  1. Glenn’s trombone
  2. Polar star
  3. Study i
  4. The red planet
  5. The creatures of the volcanos
  6. The chameleon
  7. Rock me baby
  8. The royalmessenger
  9. The stairs of the dark tower
  10. A very small town
  11. Gypsies
  12. Rumba
  13. Study ii
  14. The pyramids of giza
  15. The pharaoh's cat
  16. African rhythms
  17. Rodeo
  18. Hornpipe
  19. The greatwall of china
  20. Flash
  21. Concertino no. 1 in a major
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