Greg Fishman

Tasting Harmony

A New Approach to Ear Training

Greg Fishman - Tasting HarmonyGreg Fishman - Tasting HarmonyGreg Fishman - Tasting HarmonyGreg Fishman - Tasting Harmony

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forClarinet [saxophone/trumpet/euphonium] (B-flat, treble clef)
Musical EditionsMusic lesson book, playback-CD
Item no.656198
Author / ComposerGreg Fishman
Scope64 pages; 21 × 29.5 cm
Publisher / ProducerGreg Fishmans Jazz Studios
Producer No.GFJTH-BF


Tasting Harmony is designed to teach your ear to focus on the sound of each individual chord tone while simultaneously hearing the full chord. This is a new approach to ear-training, utilizing the concept of synesthesia; the mixing of the senses. Tasting Harmony taps into the ability we all possess to discern the different flavors of food items and uses that ability to establish an emotional connection to your notes choices, providing you with a harmonic menu of eighty-one different sounds played in all twelve keys. Tasting Harmony was developed to provide a fun approach for all musicians who want to get involved with harmony on a deeper level in a direct and non-theoretical way. Sing and play along with vocalist Petra van Nuis and pianist Jeremy Kahn as they take you through a full menu of ear-enriching harmonic flavors.

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