Evžen Zámečník (19392018)

The Lachian Sun

Ein musikalisches Bild

para: Orquesta de vientos pequeña

Partitura, partichelas

Nº de artículo680363
Autor/CompositorEvžen Zámečník
Dimensiones21 × 29,5 cm
Duración8:31 minutos
Año de lanzamiento1997
Editorial/fabricanteMusikverlag RUNDEL
N.º del fabricanteMVSR 1884
94,59 €
Plazo de envío: 4–5 días laborables
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Evzen Zamecník composed his musical painting "Lachische Sonne" in 1988. Lachisch refers to a mixed language of Western Slavic languages, with references partly to Czech and partly to Polish.

Delicate sounds in the woodwinds depict the slowly rising sun and how the first rays unfold over the world. This is represented by a typical fourthquarter motif, which is combined with other motifs in the course of the composition. Brass passages illustrate the majestic appearance of the sun. Again and again Slavic harmonies are heard.

The music increases more and more, runs through different moods, draws impressive landscapes and finally ends in a radiant finale.