Ulrike Theresia Wegele

Organ Method with Hands and Feet 1

For Beginners and Autodidacts

para: Órgano

Libro didáctico (con partituras)

Nº de artículo689611
Autor/CompositorUlrike Theresia Wegele
DificultadMuy fácilFácil
Idiomasalemán, inglés, francés
Alcance116 Páginas; 22,5 × 30 cm
Año de lanzamiento2019
N.º del fabricanteDO 02516
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This progressively structured organ school is suitable for children from about 8 years of age as well as for re-entrants and autodidacts of any age.

Varied exercises and interesting literature examples from the 17th to the 21st century alternate with each other. A lot of space is given to one's own creative design, e.g. through improvisation examples, and pedal play is also included from the very beginning.

On the author's homepage www.wegele.at there are links to video clips in which numerous exercises are shown and explained. Tried and tested over many years, the organ school with hands and feet is the summary of a completely new pedagogical concept, which allows the direct beginning without previous knowledge on the piano.