Thomas Weelkes (15761623)

Madrigals to Five and Six Parts

The English Madrigalists 11

para: Coro de voces mixtas (5–6 voces) a cappella

Partitura general de coro

Nº de artículo771336
Autor/CompositorThomas Weelkes
EditorEdmund Fellowes, Thurston Dart
Año de creación1600
Editorial/fabricanteStainer & Bell
N.º del fabricanteEM11
38,95 €
Plazo de envío: 1–2 semanas aprox.
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  • A Sparrow Hawk proud (SSAA (or T) TB)
  • As wanton birds (SSATB)
  • Cold winter’s ice is fled (SSA (or T) TB)
  • Hark I hear some dancing (SSAT (or A) B)
  • Hence Care, thou art too cruel (SSATB)
  • Lady, the birds right fairly (SSATB)
  • Like two proud armies (SSATBB)
  • Mars in a fury (SSAATB)
  • Methinks I hear (SSAATB)
  • Noel, adieu, thou court’’s delight (SSAATTB)
  • Now let us make a merry greeting (SSTTB)
  • O Care, thou wilt despatch (SSATB)
  • See where the maids are singing (SSATT)
  • Take here my heart (SSTTB)
  • The Andalusian merchant (SSATTB)
  • Three times a day (SA (or T) TTTB)
  • Thule, the period of cosmography (SSATTB)
  • What have the gods? (SSAATB)
  • When Thoralis delights to walk (SST (or A) TTB)
  • Why are you ladies staying? (SSATB)