John Ward (15711638)

First Set of Madrigals

The English Madrigalists 19

para: Coro de voces mixtas (5 voces) a cappella

Partitura general de coro

Nº de artículo771902
Autor/CompositorJohn Ward
EditorEdmund Fellowes, Thurston Dart
Dimensiones21 × 29,7 cm
Año de creación1613
Editorial/fabricanteStainer & Bell
N.º del fabricanteEM19
97,40 €
Plazo de envío: 1–2 semanas aprox.
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  • A satyr once did run away (SSAT)
  • Come, sable night (SSATTB)
  • Die not, fond man (SSAA (or T) TB)
  • Flora, fair nymph (SSAT (or A) B)
  • Fly not so fast (SSA)
  • Free from Love’s bonds (SSA (or T) B)
  • Go, wailing accents (SSA)
  • His heart his wound received (SSA)
  • Hope of my heart (SSATB)
  • How long shall I? (SST (or A) B)
  • I have entreated (SSAATB)
  • If the deep sighs (SSATTB)
  • In health and ease am I (SSA (or T))
  • Love is a dainty (SSAT)
  • My true love hath my heart (SSA)
  • O divine love (SSAA (or T) TB)
  • O my thoughts, surcrease (SAA (or T) T (or B))
  • O say, dear life (SSA (or T))
  • Oft have I tender’d (SSAT (or A) TB)
  • Out from the vale (SSAT (or A) BB)
  • Phyllis, the bright (SSATB)
  • Retire, my troubled soul (SSATBB)
  • Sweet Philomel (SSATB)
  • Sweet pity, wake (SST (or A) B)
  • There’s not a grove (SSAT (or A) TB)
  • Upon a bank of roses (SSATB)
  • Weep forth your tears (SSATTB)
  • Ye sylvan nymphs (SSA (or T) T (or B) B)