Antonio Vivaldi (16781741)

Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo

Edited from the sources and provided with Notes on Interpretation
Wiener Urtext Edition

para: Violín, bajo continuo

Partitura de piano, partichelas

Nº de artículo606980
Autor/CompositorAntonio Vivaldi
EditorBernhard Moosbauer
Idiomasalemán, inglés, francés
Alcance78/44/40 Páginas; 23 × 30,5 cm
Año de lanzamiento2012
Editorial/fabricanteWiener Urtext Edition
N.º del fabricanteUT 50176
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Antonio Vivaldi's sonatas for violin and basso continuo are among the most valuable works written between the violin sonatas by Arcangelo Corelli and those by Johann Sebastian Bach. With his 12 Sonatas Op. 2, Vivaldi presents a multi-faceted spectrum of forms and possibilities of performance and expression.

The new edition of the Wiener Urtext Edition is based on both the first Venetian edition and the edition of the publisher Roger from Amsterdam which was published only a little later. On this basis we have got a much more logical musical text in the new edition.

This edition not only contains the solo violin part and a continuo score with realized basso continuo, but also a figured bass part which gives experienced continuo players the opportunity to improvise on the basso continuo part and can also be used by a continuo cellist.


  • Sonata I g-Moll op. 2/1 RV 27
  • Sonata II A-Dur op. 2/2 RV 31
  • Sonata III d-Moll op. 2/3 RV 14
  • Sonata IV F-Dur op. 2/4 RV 20
  • Sonata IX e-Moll op. 2/9 RV 16
  • Sonata V h-Moll op. 2/5 RV 36
  • Sonata VI C-Dur op. 2/6 RV 1
  • Sonata VII c-Moll op. 2/7
  • Sonata VIII G-Dur op. 2/8 RV 23
  • Sonata X f-Moll op. 2/10 RV 21
  • Sonata XI D-Dur op. 2/11 RV 9
  • Sonata XII a-Moll op. 2/12 RV 32