John Trotter (*1966)

The Working Drummer

English version

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Libro didáctico con partituras, DVD, CD-ROM

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Autor/CompositorJohn Trotter
Alcance274 Páginas; 23 × 30,5 cm
Año de lanzamiento2013
Editorial/fabricanteAMA Verlag
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A comprehensive drum book that has moved with the times and follows the trends! With more than 800 practical grooves and fills for drumming in all popular music styles, including rock, funk, blues, country, soul, disco, reggae, rock'n'roll, fusion, grunge and punk as well as more modern styles such as drum'n' bass, jungle and hip hop - written and recorded by John Trotter, the "working drummer", who has been successful live and in the studio for over thirty years across all areas of the music industry.

This music book for percussionists expands the knowledge and trains to be a really good drummer, who also knows the styles and backgrounds of music and its legendary musicians. "The Working Drummer" shows practical, realistic and relevant ways to practice efficiently, which are easily explained with the help of listed charts, the accompanying CD and DVD. Practically every example can be found on the enclosed CD, as the possibility to see and hear the grooves and fills is indispensable for the learning process.

The enclosed DVD contains video clips showing John Trotter and his band on different shots that frame the book production. Through more effective practice using two additional media, the development of new grooves and appealing stylistic elements is faster and leads to a broad repertoire that can be used in every situation!

"The Working Drummer" teaches from the basics (stick posture/grip) and notation theory (time signature, note and pause values, dynamics) that can be learned in simple exercises, to rudiments, the basic beat/embroidery patterns that are commonly used as snare drum exercises and increase coordination, speed and endurance, to rock grooves, hi-hat variations, 12/8 blues, shuffles, swing and much more! Efficient tips for studio playing, session drumming and solo playing complete the path to becoming a "working drummer"!


  • Using the audio (MP3) CD
  • DVD
  • Biography
  • Preamble
  • Inauguration
  • Drum legend
  • Set-up
  • Fundamentals
  • Grip / Grip
  • Foot positions
  • Notation theory
  • Dynamic
  • Note and pause values
  • Triplets
  • Rhythm exercises
  • Dotted Notes
  • Bound notes
  • Triplets
  • Rudiment
  • Rolls
  • Paradiddles
  • Rudiment variations
  • Sight reading exercises
  • Exercises for the hand and wrist
  • Rock grooves: quavers / rock / grooves with quavers / dots and holding bows / the open hi-hat / adding the stepped hi-hat / fills with quavers / rocka nova
  • Rock grooves: sixteenth notes / sixteenth note grooves / sixteenth note grooves with hi-hat openings / bass drum patterns with sixteenth notes / sixteenth note grooves with hi-hat openings and accents / sixteenth note fills / sixteenth note fills with hand-foot coordination / fill variations
  • HiHat variations: sixteenth note hi-hat variations / 32th note hi-hat patterns / 32th note hi-hat variations / 32th note hi-hat variations - open hi-hat variations / 32th note hi-hat accents - open hi-hat / 16th note hi-hat variations / 16th note hi-hat fills /Two-handed 12/8 grooves with sixteenth notes, hi-hat openings and accents
  • 12/8 blues: 12/8 bass drum variations / 12/8 grooves with hi-hat openings / Both-handed 12/8 grooves with hi-hat openings / Both-handed 12/8 grooves with hi-hat openings / both-handed 12/8 grooves with sixteenth notes
  • Shuffles: shuffle variations / shuffle variations with bass drum / shuffle grooves with HiHat openings / shuffle grooves with ghost notes / halftime-shuffle / halftime-shuffle with bass drum variations / halftime-shuffle with ghost notes / 12/8-fills in triolic feeling
  • Swing: traditional swing patterns / traditional swing - brush patterns / comping
  • Radio/R&B: radio variations / radio variations with HiHat openings / radio vrogression / James Brown / advanced funk / radio rims
  • world grooves: Latin American / Samba Batucada / "Snare-off"-Samba / Samba - played with both hands / Brush- and Cross-Stick-Samba / Tom-Samba / Funk-Samba / Bossa Nova / Afro-Cuban / Son-Clave (3-2) / Rumba-Clave (2-3) / 6/8-Clave (3-2) (Bembé) / Tresillo / Mozambique / Songo / Cha-Cha-Cha / Bolero/Rumba / Mambo / Tango / African / World-Beats / New Orleans - Second Line / Soul / Country / Blues / Rock 'n' Roll / Disco / Ska/ Calypso (Soca) / Reggae / Ragga / HipHop / Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle / Grunge / Punk / Cajun and Zydeco / Military Styles/Marches
  • Groove alternatives: brush grooves / cross stick grooves / tom-tom grooves / unisono drumming with both hands / double bass drum grooves
  • Groove adornments: cymbal / splash-fills / building a groove with percussion / bell-patterns
  • Halftime, syncopation and polyrhythms: halftime / syncopation / variations of groupings / polyrhythms / bar crossing fills
  • Advanced concepts: paradiddle grooves / paradiddle combinations / paradiddle grooves / doubletime paradiddles / Steve Gadd / Fusion / odd grooves / add-time grooves / advanced fills / advanced fill medley
  • Studio tips: Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew / a short outline / click tracks / tempo / sound / set-up / overdubs / microphone setup
  • Solos: classical drum-intros / junior solo / intermediate solo / swing solo / advanced solo / military solo
  • Pop-drumming in the 21st century: impulses