The many faces of the guitar 1

para: Guitarra

Partitura, CD de playback

Nº de artículo635999
DificultadMuy fácil
Idiomasinglés, francés
Alcance28 Páginas
Editorial/fabricanteLes productions d'Oz
N.º del fabricanteDOZ 1041CD
23,70 €
Plazo de envío: 2–3 días laborables (Alemania )
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Designed as a follow-up to the Progressive repertoire serie (DZ 101 to DZ 106), Les Productions d'OZ are proposing here a new serie entitled The many faces of the guitar. Although the grouping by level has been preserved, the repertoire is made exclusively from original compositions chosen by the composers themselves. D'OZ exclusives chosen among older publications are here side by side with completely new pieces. The d'OZ catalogue is full of little treasures written for all levels by guitarists, composers and teachers dedicated to the cause of classical guitar. The title suggests an optimistic portrait of the instrumental practice in many region of the world, and the scope of the «family« of composers who are regular d'OZ contributors. The crossbreeding of genres and countries are bringing an international flavour that makes these works so special. It is with an opened mind that I have engaged myself in this ambitious project of recording the music of the six volumes. I have been seduced by the melodic qualities and the effectiveness of the various guitar techniques involved in these works, and at the same time providing the students a new and interesting repertoire. I humbly wish that the recording that comes along with the book and CD package will inspire some of your performances. David Jacques, 2007