David Stanoch

Mastering the Tables of Time 1

Introducing The Standard Timetable
A Comprehensive Drumset Method To Improve Your Groove, Coordination, Polyrhythmic And Soloing Skills (Lehrmaterial) (Teaching material)

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Libro didáctico (con partituras), audio y video online

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Autor/CompositorDavid Stanoch
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Improve your groove with the internationally acclaimed winner of the 2009 Modern Drummer Readers Poll for Best Educational Book. Dubbed a future classic, this groundbreaking book uniquely combines the foundations of rhythm and trapset drumming into a comprehensive method to improve your groove, coordination, polyrhythmic, and soloing skills.


  • Introduction: The Standard Timetable Presented In Roundtable Form
  • Musical Phrasing
  • 4-Way Coordination
  • Selected Rudimental Variations
  • Abstract Timetable Studies
  • Basic Polyrhythms & Hemiola
  • Contemporary Backbeat Grooves
  • Modern Jazz Grooves
  • Soloing Applications
  • Introduction To Volume II: The World Timetable Presented In Roundtable Form
  • Glossary Of Terms
  • Selected Media For Further Study