Paul Simon (* 1941)

The Definitive Paul Simon Songbook

ParaVoz, guitarra [teclado]
MaterialCancionero (melodía, texto, acordes)
№ de artículo213428
Autor / CompositorPaul Simon
Alcance560 Páginas; 23 × 30,5 cm
Año de lanzamiento2005
Editorial / fabricanteMusic Sales America
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Over 150 songs from across the unique and remarkable career of this master songwriter. From his roots as a folk musician, to his phenomenal success with Art Garfunkel and his subsequent inventive and collaborative solo work, Paul Simon has remained a figurehead in song craft. Each song presented here is arranged with melody line, full lyrics and chord guide.


  • Crazy Love
  • Ace In The Hole
  • Love
  • Blessed
  • Old Friends
  • Nobody
  • Mother And Child Reunion
  • America
  • American Tune
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Peace Like A River
  • At The Zoo
  • Graceland
  • All Because Of You
  • The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
  • Fakin' It
  • Overs
  • Punky'S Dilemma
  • Save The Life Of My Child
  • You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
  • The Only Living Boy In New York
  • For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
  • Keep The Customer Satisfied
  • So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Why Don'T You Write Me
  • Jonah
  • You Can Call Me Al
  • Homeward Bound
  • The Boxer
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
  • The Boy In The Bubble
  • Duncan
  • Everything Put Together Falls Apart
  • St. Judy'S Comet
  • Hearts And Bones
  • Take Me To The Mardi Gras
  • Proof
  • Bernadette
  • Hurricane Eye
  • Quiet
  • You'Re The One
  • Kathy'S Song
  • A Poem On The Underground Wall
  • Richard Cory
  • Scarborough Fair/Canticle
  • 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night
  • Baby Driver
  • Allergies
  • Homeless
  • Have A Good Time
  • Hobo'S Blues
  • Late In The Evening
  • Night Game
  • Red Rubber Ball
  • Some Folks' Lives Roll Easy
  • Pigs, Sheep And Wolves
  • Congratulations
  • Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall
  • Gone At Last
  • The Obvious Child
  • Tenderness
  • Thelma
  • Leaves That Are Green
  • Under African Skies
  • I Do It For Your Love
  • One-Trick Pony
  • Hey Schoolgirl
  • Can'T Run But
  • Train In The Distance
  • A Simple Desultory Philippic
  • Born At The Right Time
  • Spirit Voices
  • Song About The Moon
  • One Man'S Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor
  • Silent Eyes
  • The Coast
  • Was A Sunny Day
  • Cecilia
  • Cars Are Cars
  • Further To Fly
  • Oh Marion
  • That Was Your Mother
  • You'Re Kind
  • Think Too Much
  • Somewhere They Can'T Find Me
  • God Bless The Absentee
  • I Know What I Know
  • Darling Lorraine
  • Gumboots
  • The Cool Cool River
  • Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War
  • The Rhythm Of The Saints
  • That'S Why God Made The Movies
  • We'Ve Got A Groovy Thing Goin'
  • Patterns
  • Stranded In A Limousine
  • Long, Long Day
  • Old
  • Father And Daughter
  • She Moves On
  • Look At That
  • El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
  • A Church Is Burning
  • Born In Puerto Rico
  • The 59Th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
  • Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
  • Paranoia Blues
  • Something So Right
  • Trailways Bus
  • Sparrow
  • Run That Body Down
  • Papa Hobo
  • All Around The World Of The Myth Of Fing
  • Armistice Day
  • Learn How To Fall
  • When Numbers Get Serious
  • The Late Great Johnny Ace
  • Cloudy
  • A Most Peculiar Man
  • How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns
  • Adios Hermanos
  • Sat In Summer Nights
  • The Vampires
  • Quality
  • Can I Forgive Him
  • Killer Wants To Go To College
  • Time Is An Ocean
  • Virgil
  • Killer Wants To Go To College Ii
  • That'S Where I Belong
  • The Teacher
  • Senorita With A Necklace Of Tears
  • Let Me Live In Your City
  • Ten Years
  • Shelter Of Your Arms
  • Shoplifting Clothes
  • I Am A Rock
  • Kodachrome Tm
  • Loves Me Like A Rock
  • Mrs. Robinson
  • My Little Town
  • Slip Slidin' Away
  • Song For The Asking
  • The Sound Of Silence
  • Still Crazy After All These Years
  • The Dangling Conversation
  • Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
  • April Come She Will
  • A Hazy Shade Of Winter
  • Simon (Komponist): Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.
  • Bookends
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