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The double-bright LED light

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Nº de artículo495769
Año de lanzamiento2014
Editorial/fabricanteMighty Bright
N.º del fabricanteMB 50510
14,99 €
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The Xtraflex2 music light features 2 LED's and 20 lumens of bright white light and includes 2 brightness settings. Similar to the XtraFlex, the XtraFlex2 has a precision engineered optical grade lenses which distributes light evenly. In addition, the XtraFlex2 is compatible with Mighty Bright AC adapters.

Low-lit venues leave you squinting helplessly at your sheet music or playlist? The Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 LED Music Stand Light won’t leave you in the dark – this breakthrough music stand light harnesses theastonishing brilliance of two LEDs, making it a compact yet powerful music accessory.