James Rae (*1957)

Zoo Time!

12 tierisch leichte Stücke

para: Clarinete, piano

Partitura de piano, partichela del solista

Nº de artículo670672
Autor/CompositorJames Rae
DificultadMuy fácil
Alcance16 Páginas; 23,2 × 30,5 cm
Año de lanzamiento2017
Editorial/fabricanteUniversal Edition
N.º del fabricanteUE 21737
14,95 €
Plazo de envío: 2–3 días laborables (Alemania )
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In “Zoo Time!” for clarinet and piano, James Rae has imagined how our friends in the zoo might perform on the dance floor! This has inspired some delightful pieces such as “Tiger Tango”, “Rhino Rumba”, “Cobra Calypso” and many more. But it’s not just fun for pupil and teacher alike; musical styles are explored even at this early (Grade 1) stage and the student will be inspired to try and interpret the music to portray the animals as vividly as possible. All the notes are below the break.  Attractive, teacher-friendly piano accompaniments are provided, which include chord symbols for further musical possibilities.

“Zoo Time!” follows on naturally from James Rae’s “Child’s Play” (UE21700) where all the beginners’ notes are introduced one at a time, just as in a standard tutor book.

  • Easy pieces, all in a comfortable range, to inspire the young beginner
  • The piano accompaniments are designed to enhance the pieces and provide support for the clarinettist
  • Musical styles are explored even at this early stage
  • Illustrations can be downloaded for free for colouring in


  • ​Chimpanzee Cha Cha
  • ​Cobra Calypso
  • ​Giraffe Jive
  • ​Gorilla Gavotte
  • ​Hippo Hop
  • ​Lion Lambada
  • ​Penguin Polka
  • ​Polar Bear Boogie
  • ​Rhino Rhumba
  • ​Tiger Tango
  • ​Toucan Trot
  • ​Wallaby Waltz