John O'Reilly (*1940)

First Concert Parade

Partitura de muestra

correlates with Yamaha Band Student 1, page 6
Yamaha Band Series

para: Clase de viento [orquesta juvenil]

Partitura, partichelas

Nº de artículo689874
Autor/CompositorJohn O'Reilly
DificultadMuy fácil
Alcance116 Páginas
Duración2:17 minutos
Editorial/fabricanteAlfred Music
N.º del fabricanteALF11237
53,00 €
Plazo de envío: 1–2 semanas aprox.
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Here's a whimsical concert march your beginning band will be ready to perform after only a few weeks! John O'Reilly has taken four of the beginning band repertoire's "greatest hits" and cleverly worked them into a delightful medley, ideal for your band's very first concert!

The familiar tunes work their way throughout the band so each section gets a shot at the melody!


  • Go Tell Aunt Rodie
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Lightly Row
  • Merrily We Roll Along