John Moss

Regimental Honor

Essential Elements Band Series
Expert Level

para: Clase de viento [orquesta juvenil]

Partitura orquestal, set de partichelas, audio online

Nº de artículo687055
Autor/CompositorJohn Moss
Dimensiones23 × 30,5 cm
Año de lanzamiento2018
Editorial/fabricanteHal Leonard
N.º del fabricanteHL00861732
54,60 €
Plazo de envío: 1–2 semanas aprox.
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Every band program should incorporate marches into their regular concert programming, and here is an excellent march from John Moss that will rehearse easily and soundgreat. Written in a stately moderate tempo, it opens with a majestic brass fanfare followed by a statement of the melody by the clarinets. After a contrasting theme is introduced, we return to a harmonized version of the openingfanfare for a powerful finish.

Correlated with Essential Elements 2, page 15

Kit contents:

  • Conductor Book (1x)
  • Flute (8x)
  • Oboe (1x)
  • Bassoon (1x)
  • Clarinet 1 (6x)
  • Clarinet 2 (6x)
  • Alto clarinet (1x)
  • Bass Clarinet (2x)
  • Alto Saxophone 1 (2x)
  • Alto Saxophone 2 (2x)
  • Tenor Saxophone (2x)
  • Baritone Saxophone (2x)
  • Trumpet 1 (4x)
  • Trumpet 2 (4x)
  • F Horn (4x)
  • Trombone (4x)
  • Baritone B.C. (2x)
  • Baritone T.C. (2x)
  • Tuba (4x)
  • Bass Line Reinforcement (2x)
  • Percussion 1 (2x)
  • Percussion 2 (2x)
  • Keyboard Percussion (2x)
  • Timpani (1x)