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World percussion

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DVD (video didáctico)

Nº de artículo767408
Autor/CompositorNan Mercader
Idiomasinglés, francés, italiano, català, castellano
Editorial/fabricanteMel Bay Publications
N.º del fabricanteMBDVA 001
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Plazo de envío: 4–6 semanas
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Welcome to World Percussion, Nan Mercader's percussion method DVD collection. You have a powerful aid in your hands to initiate you into the world of percussion (in five languages: English, Italian French and Spanish and katalan). Here you will learn the story behind the drum, how to tune it, the correct playing position, the different sounds, hand technique, and study exercises and rhythms.

All rhythms are taught with a metronome (click track). Following this you will be able to see and hear the rhythms played by a live band. Finally, you will be able to play along in the Minus One section. A free PDF in English and Spanish including scores of all theexercises and rhythms is available at Also included are tips on buying an instrument, how to organize your study time, and links section to the best sites on the web.


  • African Rhythms: Kakilambe, Kuku, Kassá, Soli, Timini, Marakadon
  • World Rhythms: Rock, Hip-hop, Reggae, Rumba