Galt McDermot (* 1928)

Hair: The Musical

Vocal Selections - Piano, Vocal & Guitar (PVG)
13 of the most famous songs

G. McDermot: Hair: The Musical, GesKlaGitKey (SBPVG) (0)G. McDermot: Hair: The Musical, GesKlaGitKey (SBPVG) (1)G. McDermot: Hair: The Musical, GesKlaGitKey (SBPVG) (2)G. McDermot: Hair: The Musical, GesKlaGitKey (SBPVG) (3)
ParaVoz, piano [guitarra/teclado]
MaterialCancionero PVG (piano/voz/guitarra)
№ de artículo635288
Autor / CompositorGalt McDermot
Alcance64 Páginas
Año de lanzamiento2015
Editorial / fabricanteMusic Sales
N.º del fabricanteAM 1010493


Thirteen of the most famous and popular songs from one of the most unique stage musicals ever produced are arranged here for Piano, Vocal and Guitar. Rejecting all tropes and traditions of Broadway musicals, Hair, which premiered in 1967, offered both an antidote and something new, surprising and shocking.

Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical took the counter-culture of the late 1960s and transformed it into the musical medium, featuring profanity, nudity, drug use and songs that would become anti-Vietnam War protest tunes. The musical was never just a product of its time though, as its enduring appeal has proven. Thirteen of its most popular songs, many of which remain well-loved today, are included in this songbook arranged for Piano, Vocal and Guitar with full lyrics and chord symbols and boxes.

Songs like the show-opener Aquarius, with its inspiring message, and Ain't Got No, with its rejection of materialism, are included here, their fun lyrics and fantastic music making them sure-fire hits with any audience. Other popular songs like I Got Life, Where Do I Go?, Let The Sunshine In and Good Morning Starshine tell the story not just of the characters in the musical, but of universal themes of life that are common to us all. The 'Tribe' that are featured in the story are a group of counter-culture hippies whose story invoked laughter and sadness along with an empathy that has ensured the show's success even today.

Featuring fantastic lyrics and story by James Rado and Gerome Ragni, as well as music by Galt MacDermot, each song in this Hair sheet music songbook is a joy to perform. You will love learning each note of the inspiring and uplifting tunes as well as every word of the touching and memorable lyrics. The success of the once-controversial musical is revealed by its numerous revivals, spanning almost half a century. Songs like Donna, I'm Black and Hair are as relevant now as they were then, making this songbook unique among other musicals for having songs that are both brilliant musically as well as being a mirror into our own world.

If you're a fan of musicals in general, Hair in particular, or just great music inspired by the counter-culture revolution of the late '60s, then this songbook is definitely for you. Featuring songs that truly have stood the test of time arranged for Piano, Vocal and Guitar, soon you'll be strumming, singing and playing these tunes of hope, optimism and love in no time at all.


  • Air
  • Aquarius
  • Black Boys/White Boys
  • Donna
  • Easy To Be Hard
  • Frank Mills
  • Good Morning Starshine
  • Hair
  • I Got Life
  • I'm Black/Ain't Got No
  • Manchester, England
  • The Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In
  • Where Do I Go?
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