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Julie Lyonn Lieberman

Julie Lyonn Lieberman: Twelve-Key Practice - The Path To Mastery And Individuality

The Path to Mastery and Individuality

MaterialLibro didáctico (con partituras)
Nº de artículo682717
Autor/CompositorJulie Lyonn Lieberman
Alcance144 Páginas; 23 × 31 cm
Año de lanzamiento2018
Editorial/fabricanteHal Leonard
N.º del fabricanteHL00286780


Imagine if you could hear a musical phrase, Visualize its layout on your instrument by "seeing" and "feeling"; the fingerings and/or embouchure in your mind's eye, know the names of the notes as well as the degrees of the key and feel the dynamics you want to include. All simultaneously, in a millisecond, and without moving a muscle ... and in any key!

Welcome to the twelve-key approach for all instruments and levels. Twelve-key practice applies the latest breakthroughs in brain biomechanics to facilitate technical mastery. Practicing in all twelve keys has never been sequenced or taught through the lens offered within these pages. The exercises in this book span a number of styles, brain skills and practice technique – all presented using a kaleidoscopic learning style.

Julie Lyonn Lieberman's previous eight books and six DVDs have garnered rave reviews from a wide array of music magazines as well as renowned musicians from around the world. Julie's "Twelve-Key Practice" takes you on a journey to freedom one step at a time and before you know it, you begin to experience that wonderful feeling of making music instead of just recreating someone else's music. You will become the well-rounded musician which is what we all aspire to be. (Jamey Aebersold, jazz saxophonist and educator, publisher of Aebersold Play-Alongs)

Mastering an instrument - or a tune, scale, or riff - in all twelve keys remains the ultimate standard of fluency. Why? Because it works. When comprehensive knowledge combines with ease, comfort, and flexibility, your anxieties disappear, your ears become open and receptive, and you are ready for any collaborative situation. Julie Lyonn Lieberman has created a remarkably organized, stylistically diverse, and holistic path for developing your ears, eyes, and fingers.

By constantly changing variables and adding new layers, your mind remains active and receptive as it grows ever more capable - even in the "hard" keys! Once you understand Julie's approach and begin to explore the hundreds of riffs, scales, and variations she includes, you will expand “the path” beyond this book and apply its liberating strategies to any music. Twelve-key mastery is a lifelong pursuit, folks.

Let's get started! (Dr. David Wallace, chair, String Department, Berklee College of Music, author "Engaging the Concert Audience: A Musician's Guide to Interactive Performance")

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