George Kirbye (aprox.15651634)

First Set of English Madrigals

The English Madrigalists 24

para: Coro de voces mixtas (4–6 voces) a cappella

Partitura general de coro

Nº de artículo771731
Autor/CompositorGeorge Kirbye
EditorEdmund Fellowes, Thurston Dart
Año de creación1597
Editorial/fabricanteStainer & Bell
N.º del fabricanteEM24
41,75 €
Plazo de envío: 1–2 semanas aprox.
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  • Ah, cruel, hateful fortune (SSA(orT)A(orT)T(orB)B)
  • Ah, sweet, alas, when first I saw (SSATB)
  • Alas, what hope of speeding (SST(orA)B)
  • Bright Phoebus greets most clearly (SSAT (or A) T (or A) B)
  • Farewell, my love (SSAT)
  • If pity reign with beauty (SSATB)
  • I love, alas, yet am I not beloved (SSAA (or T) TB)
  • Lo, here my heart I leave (SSTB)
  • Mourn now, my soul (SSATB)
  • Must I part, O my jewel? (SSAATB)
  • O heavens, what shall I do? (SSATB)
  • See what a maze of error (SSATB)
  • She that my plaints (SSAT (or A) B)
  • Sleep now, my Muse (SSAATB)
  • Sleep now, my Muse (SSAT)
  • Sorrow consumes me (SSATB)
  • Sound out, my voice (SSATB)
  • Sweet love, 0 cease thy flying (SSA (or T) TB)
  • That Muse which sung (SSATB)
  • Up then, Melpomene (SSAT (or A) T (or B) B)
  • What can I do, my dearest? (SSAB)
  • What, shall I part thus? (SSAT (or A) B)
  • Why should I love? (SSATB)
  • Why wail we thus? (SSAT (or A) TB)
  • With Angel’s face and brightness (SSAT (or A) T (or A) B)
  • Woe am I, my heart dies (SSAB)