John Kember

Oboe Sight-Reading 1

A fresh approach
Schott Sight-Reading Series

para: Oboe

Libro didáctico (con partituras)

Nº de artículo462708
Autor/CompositorJohn Kember
EditorCatherine Ramsden, Susan Purton
DificultadMuy fácil
Idiomasalemán, inglés, francés
Alcance80 Páginas; 23 × 31 cm
Año de lanzamiento2007
Editorial/fabricanteSchott Music
N.º del fabricanteED 12953
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  • An approach based on self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns
  • Original tunes rather than abstract sight-reading exercises
  • 195 carefully graded pieces in a range of musical styles
  • Eight sections related to the technical development of the oboist, with tunes using three notes to tunes with a range of nearly two octaves, from low D to high C
  • Each section concludes with a set of duets and accompanied pieces for practice of ensemble sight-reading
  • Tunes progress to all key signatures up to two sharps and flats
  • Preliminary towards grade 5


  • Preface
  • To the pupil: why sight-reading?
  • Section 1: Notes G, A and B
  • Section 2: Notes G-C, slurs and quavers
  • Section 3: Notes D-D with F#
  • Section 4: Introducing Bb, F natural, and G#
  • Section 5: Extending the range to high G; introducing C# and D#
  • Section 6: 3/8 and compound time; introducing Eb and high A
  • Section 7: Extending the range to high Bb and B natural
  • Section 8: Semiquavers in simple and compound time, high C
  • Glossary