Paul Harris (*1955)

Improve Your Theory! Grade 5


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Autor/CompositorPaul Harris
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Improve Your Theory! Grades 1–5 are the latest additions to the bestselling ‘Improve your …’ series by Paul Harris . This theory workbook takes students through every aspect of music theory covered in the grade 3 ABRSM examination. Firmly rooted in Paul Harris ’ Simultaneous Learning approach, it will transform how music theory is taught and learnt, improving every aspect of musicianship along the way. Never before has theory been so fun or seemed so natural! Handy fact files that cover different areas of music theory. Practice questions to help students prepare for examinations. Fun games and quizzes to engage students and offer new and interesting ways to tackle difficult concepts. Questions that connect theory directly with pupils’ own pieces – allowing them to discover the links between music in theory and music in practice. Opportunities for composing, improvising, aural and listening activities, all carefully devised to consolidate musical understanding.