Dinie Goedhart (*1962)

Kids Play Solo

para: Clarinete

Partitura, CD

Nº de artículo426146
Autor/CompositorDinie Goedhart
DificultadMuy fácil
Alcance20 Páginas; 22,5 × 30,5 cm
Año de lanzamiento2000
Editorial/fabricanteDe Haske
N.º del fabricanteDHP 1001885-400
19,99 €
Plazo de envío: 4–5 días laborables
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This book contains a mix of fifteen pieces in classical and popularstyles varying from songs suitable for parties to pieces suitable forformal gatherings. A play-along CD is included so you always have abacking band at hand.


  • Samba on Trumpet
  • Violin Romance
  • Bach on the Oboe
  • Dash on Drums
  • Claire's Clarinet
  • Piano Piece
  • Plucking the Guitar
  • The Church Organ
  • Bossa Nova for Orchestra
  • Cello Song
  • Waltz for Accordion
  • Funky Flute
  • Vivaldi's Harpsichord
  • The Band
  • Recorder Blues