Kurt Gäble (*1953)

Hymne an die Freundschaft

Partitura de muestra

Wahre Freundschaft

para: Orquesta de vientos pequeña; coro ad lib.

Partitura, partichelas

Nº de artículo678204
Autor/CompositorKurt Gäble
Dimensiones21 × 29,5 cm
Duración2:20 minutos
Año de lanzamiento2002
Editorial/fabricanteMusikverlag RUNDEL
N.º del fabricanteMVSR 2401
38,50 €
Plazo de envío: 4–5 días laborables
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"Hymne an die Freundschaft" is based on the folk song "Wahre Freundschaft". Karl Kling, Honorary President of the Allgäu-Schwäbischer Musikbund, commissioned this composition from Kurt Gäble and writes in the preface:

"During more than 22 years of presidency I have grown fond of the Allgäu-Schwäbische Musikbund. Our musicians, minstrels and alphorn players have always been the epitome of living folk culture for me. For generations they have made our Swabian-Bavarian homeland more beautiful, richer, loveable and worth living with the network of tones and harmonies. This in joy and sorrow. Reliable companions and role models in voluntary work have accompanied me. Loyalty of many endured. The commissioned composition "Hymne an die Freundschaft", composed for singing and making music by Kurt Gäble, I dedicate in gratitude to all friends of music with us and in the wide world. May it be a confession beyond time and future and sound again and again as a folk song for the enrichment of heart, soul and mind. It is my wish that friendship remain our midst." Krumbach in September 2002, Karl Kling

Performance possibilities:

  • wind orchestra
  • choir SATB with wind orchestra
  • choir SATB with piano (+ brass)

Choir movement (1 piano score + 10 choir scores) available separately.