Eduardo Fernández (*1952)

Technique – Mechanism – Learning

An Investigation into becomming a Guitarist

para: Guitarra

Libro didáctico (con partituras)

Nº de artículo208323
Autor/CompositorEduardo Fernández
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Here is a book for guitar students who wish to develop their instrumental capabilities to the point of mastery. This book, while not a method, is an attempt to help students internalize the most important aspects of practicing and performing music: Mechanism, the set of acquired reflexes that makes playing the guitar possible: Technique, the procedures to follow in order to master a given passage or overcome a given difficulty: and Learning a Mechanism or Technique, the process of acquiring a reflex or of mastering a passage or overcoming a specific difficulty.

The exercises strive to ingrain proper techniques and mechanisms both physically and mentally, making the interpretationof music as natural to the guitarist as walking. The author encourages the student to conquer musical difficulties through critical and intelligent analysis rather than mere repetition. These techniques are intended to return the indispensable feeling of creative playing to musical work, having freed the student from consciously focusing on the physical aspects of playing. Musical examples are in standard notation only.


  • ​Mechanism: Position
  • ​Right Hand
  • ​Putting Together the Position
  • ​Action
  • ​Left Hand Basic Presentation and Putting Together the Shift
  • ​Putting Together the Longitudinal Presentation
  • ​Putting Together the Longitudinal Shift
  • ​Transversal Shift
  • ​Other Presentations
  • ​Diagonal Presentations
  • ​Transversal Presentation
  • ​Non-rectilinear Presentations
  • ​Changes in Presentation
  • ​Contractions and Distensions
  • ​Contraction Situations
  • ​Distension Situations
  • ​Barre
  • ​Slurs
  • ​Technique: Selecting the Passage
  • ​Fingering the Passage
  • ​Building up the Exercise
  • ​A) The Zero Version: What Is an Operator?
  • ​Making the Zero- Version. B) The Exercise Route: Putting the Operators in Order
  • ​Incorporating the Operators
  • ​How to Work on the Exercise
  • ​Working on the Zero Version
  • ​Working on the Routing Appendix