Jacob de Haan (*1959)


para: 2 solistas (MezBar), narrador, orquesta de viento

Partitura orquestal

Nº de artículo686590
Autor/CompositorJacob de Haan
Alcance110 Páginas
Duración55 minutos
Año de lanzamiento2018
Editorial/fabricanteDe Haske
N.º del fabricanteDHP 1185853-140
95,00 €
Plazo de envío: 4–5 días laborables
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Unlike most passion settings with choir, soloists and orchestra, this version of the Markus-Passion has been conceived for band, narrator and mezzo soprano and baritone (or alto). The lyrics from the Gospel According to Mark have been used in full, which makes this passion quite unique. If desired, the lyrics of the evangelist can be spoken in any language, to make the work more accessible to the audience. However, because of the rhythms involved, the sung parts should always be performed in German. This special work should be a truly overwhelming experience for your audience!