Jan de Haan (*1951)

Band Time Starter

Partitura de muestra

Look, Listen & Learn

para: Clase de viento [orquesta juvenil]

Partitura orquestal

Nº de artículo332979
Autor/CompositorJan de Haan
DificultadMuy fácil
Idiomasalemán, inglés, francés, neerlandés
Alcance125 Páginas; 23 × 30,5 cm
Año de lanzamiento2001
Editorial/fabricanteDe Haske
N.º del fabricanteDHP 1012563-170
43,99 €
Plazo de envío: 2–3 días laborables (Alemania )
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Parallel to the first hours of instrumental lessons, the young musicians are motivated to play in a beginner's orchestra with the pieces from this collection. "Band Time Starter" is suitable for the first year in the winds class and contains four-part pieces in many different styles. The gradually progressing degree of difficulty corresponds to the material of "Look, Listen & Learn 1", but can also be used independently.

The first three pieces with only three voices adapt to the still limited range that the pupils have at this stage. For the same reason, sometimes the same voices differ slightly for different instruments. Minor differences can also be explained by some special conditions in a particular instrument, such as difficult tone sequences.

A CD compatible with the series is available to help students play at home with proper orchestral accompaniment. A rapid success is guaranteed!


  • Preface
  • Biography Jan de Haan
  • Playing together, so much better!
  • McRonald's March
  • Tortoise Race
  • Cyclist in Moskau
  • Clog Dance
  • The Music Mill
  • Forte und Piano Song
  • Chinaman in Paris
  • Guns 'n' Cowboys
  • Tyrolean Wolfgang
  • Maxi & Mini
  • Silly Scales
  • Beethoven Forever