Carl Czerny (1791 – 1857)

The practical Czerny 1

Pre-elementary level

Carl Czerny - The practical Czerny 1Carl Czerny - The practical Czerny 1Carl Czerny - The practical Czerny 1Carl Czerny - The practical Czerny 1Carl Czerny - The practical Czerny 1
MaterialLibro didáctico (con partituras)
№ de artículo288626
Autor / CompositorCarl Czerny
EditorMoritz Mayer-Mahr, Adolph Stark
DificultadMuy fácilFácil
Idiomasalemán, inglés, francés
Alcance52 Páginas; 23 × 31 cm
Editorial / fabricanteSchott Music
N.º del fabricanteED 3721


A systematically graded and progressively arranged collection of Carl Czerny's Studies selected from his entire works.

In the compilation of this collection of studies, the author was moved principally by the desire to produce a work which would introduce the student gradually to all the problems of the piano technique, give him confidence and technical facilities, develop his pianistic gifts, and thus provide him with the technical and musical background to enable him to master the purely musical material without too great an effort.

Studies are also useful in developing a musical sense, if played with taste and charm and not practiced in a dull and mechanical manner. The more gradually the technical difficulties are introduced, the more will be gained from these studies from the purely musical side.

The majority of the studies in the first volume have been chosen purposely in the triad form, along with those in diatonic scales. Proceeding from the triad, the student is afforded to the opportunity of combining these exercises with his other musical studies. Ear training is given practical application by singing the triad to the syllables la or do mi sol (or bi gu la), and then playing it in different positions.

Short verses of folk or children's songs within a range of five tones can also be played in the same way so that the transposition of the first exercises into other keys will no longer offer any great difficulties for an ordinary musical ear. In this way, the student is gradually introduced to the chromatic signs, tonally and technically, which makes it possible to use other keys than C major much earlier than usual, as is suggested in the present work.


  • Playing alternately with both hands
  • Different rhythm in both hands
  • Sixths and tenths in both hands
  • Exercises in different positions
  • Double stops
  • Chords
  • Staccato
  • Five-Finger exercises
  • Exercises in velocity
  • Exercise with notes held down
  • Sixths and thirds (non legato)
  • Legato thirds
  • Exercises in velocity
  • Staccato-Thirds and -Sixths
  • Exercises with notes held down
  • Two exercises in minor
  • Passing the thumb
  • Mezzo-Staccato and notes to be taken off lightly
  • Scales
  • Thirds
  • Exercises in velocity
  • Chords
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