Italian Love Songs

para: Acordeón

Partitura (antología), CD de playback

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Italian Love Songs for Accordion, New Edition with CD recorded by Henry Doktorski is an endearing compilation of Helene Criscios life-long dedication to accordion. This collection of love songs brings to life a body of work that defines this Westfield Legend” was endorsed by her good friend, Myron Floren.

Here is a listing of the fabulous love songs you will enjoy: Waltz Amore, Here Is My Heart, Ave Maria, Eternity, Memories, Santa Lucia, Voice in My Heart, Amore, I See You, O Sole Mio, Maybe Yes, Maybe No, If I Only Had a Chance, I Never Want To Lose You, Ah! Mari!, and Torna A Sorrento.


  • Ah Mari
  • Amore
  • Ave Maria
  • Eternity
  • Here Is My Heart
  • I Never Want To Lose You
  • I See You
  • If I Only Had A Chance
  • Maybe It's Yes Maybe It's No
  • Memories
  • O Sole Mio
  • Santa Lucia
  • Torna A Sorrento
  • Voice In My Heart
  • Waltz Amore